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What We Do

We are residential heating and air conditioning contractors. Our specialty is installing air conditioning in homes that don't have ducts. What sets us apart from others in this field is that our typical air conditioning installation time in a single story home is one day. A typical 4 bedroom 2 story home is complete in 2 days. That includes the installation of discreetly placed ducts, equipment, refrigeration piping and wiring. We leave nothing for you to do. No clean up, carpentry, or dry wall repair. This is a turn key operation. Just set the thermostat and enjoy!

Our philosophy is to go in with a plan, all necessary equipment and material, get the job done, and get out before we get under your skin. Most contractors seem to think that occupying your home for a long time will make you feel like you really got your money's worth. We believe that more time in your home gives you more time to be annoyed. A neat, professional job, no wasted time. This is our formula for value and quality. This has worked for us for the last 25 years and 3,000+ customers and counting.

So why are we called Gutowski Central Heating? Because we started with this plan long before air conditioning was common in homes. We applied the concept to installing central heating systems in homes that only had space heaters. Yep, you read that right! There was a time when people thought that having a heater in 2 rooms of a 5 room house or apartment was just fine. (Every time that someone tells me that window air conditioners are perfectly adequate, I can't help thinking about those cold flat people that had the same argument.)



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How do we do it in so little time and so little expense?

Efficiency is the key. For starters, we aren't reinventing the wheel with every job. Lets face it, a ranch house isn't much different from any other ranch or raised ranch. A colonial is no different than any other colonial, dutch colonial or salt box. There is a standard method for approaching every style of house, and 95% of homes can be neatly pigeon holed into one of these styles.

Like every industry, we too have our slow seasons. These times are not spent waiting for the phone to ring. We are hard at work prefabricating ducts and fittings, assembling kits and gearing up for that busy season that always does come. We avoid the feast or famine pattern.

Last, we work 10 hours a day, 4 days a week. If you spend 1 1/2 hrs every morning driving to a job and setting up, then 1 1/2 hrs at the end of the day cleaning up and driving back, it's amazing how little work you get done in an 8 hour day! (5 hours at best, compared to 7 hours of productive time in a 10 hour day. That is a 29% improvement! Who benefits from that efficiency? You guessed it. We both do.

Air Conditioning For Homes That Don't Have Ducts...
and heating too!



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