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2 Warranties To Consider

Manufacturer’s Warranty – This covers the parts and equipment. These vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next and it is worth taking the time to understand what they really mean. For instance, what does “Lifetime Warranty” mean? Does that mean that if a product fails during your lifetime, it will cost you nothing to repair or replace? Usually not. Lifetime warranties typically have some type of prorating. This is where it pays to read the fine print.

Even when a major component is covered for both labor and material, there are some manufacturers (but not many) that will replace the entire piece of equipment for a specied time rather than replacing a major component. An example of this is the HEIL NO HASTLE WARRANTY.  Another is Carrier Corp. that often offers a credit toward the purchase of a comparable replacement in lieu of repair.

Installer's Warranty – Most manufacturers do not cover the cost of labor in there warranty. Others do have a labor allowance for certain parts that fail within the warranty period. For instance, Carrier and Heil offer a labor allowance for the replacement of a heat exchanger, but Weil Mclain does not. Some warranty repairs mark the end of a product’s life simply because the labor is too costly or impractical to replace an “in warranty” part. This is where it pays to have the installer clearly spell out his responsibility in the proposal.

Most installers offer a 1 year warranty on labor. (but not us, see below) It is important to check the installers references to find out if he picks and chooses what is his responsibility, or if he makes the repair “no questions asked”.

Our Warranty Policy

New Installations

  • If the manufacturer warranties the part, we match that on labor. That means that if a compressor has a 10 year warranty, and it fails in 9 1/2 years, you don't pay for the labor either.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with our installation, we will remove it and refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Out of Warranty Service and Repairs

  • 90 Days from the date of the repair.
  • If the part is warranted by the manufacturer for longer than 90 days, we will match that warranty period on labor.



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